Thank you for taking the time to help us.

We are in the process of deciding where to focus our development efforts. We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to be able to use our videos in a variety of ways beyond our existing DVD and Online offerings.  After reading the following descriptions of our possible future offerings please proceed to the form and vote on them. Thanks again!

COTC Video Jewels for Your Slide Shows – a collection of the most powerful ‘quote clips’ from the entire COTC collection of interviews (including the kids) rendered in both Windows Media and QuickTime formats so you can run them from your computer and add them to your slide shows (PowerPoint and other popular presentation software applications).

Full Length Interviews on DVD – our interviews with Searle, Englemann, Abram, Tallal, Merzenich, Lyon and others available in their entirety on DVD.

Hard Drive Versions of COTC Series (Professional Development and Essentials) – our entire series available in Windows and Mac formatted hard drives for individual use in professional development events or classrooms.

Network Versions of COTC Series (Professional Development and Essentials) – same as above with site license allowing network use for entire school districts or colleges.

Online Course Version of COTC Series (Professional Development and Essentials– same as above with licensing to allow for in online courses.

2 Hour Documentary summarizing COTC – a professionally narrated traditionally formatted documentary for all audience