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David Boulton, co-producer and creator of the Children of the Code, is a learning-activist and technologist whose articles on learning have appeared in: The Brain-Mind Bulletin, In Context, The California School Board’s Journal, The American Music Teacher; Management and Conjecture (France), Centecemes (Mexico) Information Research (England), New Horizons for Learning, Young ScholarQuantum Leap (China) and others. Articles about his work have been featured in journals and books including: The Journal of Developmental EducationPoisoned Apple: The Bell Curve Crisis and How Our Schools Create Mediocrity and Failure, Working Wisdom (Timeless Skills and Vanguard Strategies for Learning Organizations)The Interactive Corporation: Enhancing Profits, Performance and Productivity in Your Business, and Schools Out: Hyperlearning and the end of Education.

David’s k-12 education orientation and vision has been presented or referenced at gatherings including: the World Futurist Society, The 21st Century Learning Initiative, The New American Schools Design Team, at both the California and National Education Summits, the Ontario (Canada) School Board AssociationThe Chinese Ministry of Educationand he was the featured presenter at dozens of Apple Computer educational events. His websites have won the Teacher Information Network Gold Award and the Innovative Teaching Concepts Award of Excellence.

As an organizational learning theorist and technologist David designed ‘learning circuits’ and ‘transformational learning strategies’ for Boeing’s reengineering program, the ‘Employee Knowledge Link’ system at Pacific Bell, for Apple Computer’s ‘Electronic Campus’ (one the world’s first virtual universities) and for the genealogy project of the central Mormon ChurchAIG, H.P., Mazda, ALLTEL, NEW YORK Life Insurance, Bank of America and many other Global 2000 companies have implemented his organizational learning and feedback concepts.

David has founded five companies and been awarded four patents. His last start-up, DiaCom/2way (today, ‘Validar’) went on to win the Smithsonian Award for Innovation and appeared on Upside Magazine’s Top 100 private companies list. His last patent, “A Method and Apparatus for Implementing User Feedback“, has promising implications for how the networks and World Wide Web of the future will evolve and perform. He is a past member of the 21st Century Learning Initiative and the Dialogue Research Project at M.I.T.’s Organizational Learning Center. He has been an advisor to the Chair of the California Senate Education Committee and is a member of the U.S. D.O.E.’s Gateway Project. In the summer of 09 he appeared in the PBS Television show “The New Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids” (watch a clip).

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