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Help arrange a live event in your area

The main thing you can do to help the Children of the Code project is to help arrange a Learning Event in your area. If you are interested in leading or joining a team of people to work on bringing us to your community please click here

Share our K-12 Page with educators in your community

We have a page specifically for K-12 leaders. Please email a link to it  ( the educator and school board members in your community.

Share our Parents Page with parents in your community

We have a page specifically for parents trying learn how to help their children. Please email a link to it ( to the parents of struggling learners in your community.

Get our DVDs for yourself or school

We’ve release a series of new DVDs for use in professional development and for improving everyone’s understanding of the challenges involved in learning to read. (

Host a COTC broadcast on your local TV station

We are looking for educators (public and private practitioners) who would like to be the on-air host of COTC on their local community access, college, or PBS stations. To request more information: (


– News about our project is spreading rapidly and many people are finding our site through emails, blogs, ezines, listservs, and newsletters. You can help us understand how the word is spreading by sending us ( the email, newsletter, listserv notice or website address that first brought us to your attention.

– We are deciding on a series of optional ways of providing our videos. Help us by taking this short survey.

– If you have a great story related to our work or know someone we should interview please send your suggestions to: (

– We are collecting “shame stories” that illustrate the emotional consequences of reading difficulties. If you have a story to share please go to our “Shame Stories” page and contribute yours.

– The more people that share their comments, impressions, criticisms and suggestions about our videos, events, interviews, the project as a whole, and this website, the better we are able to improve and support our work. If your feedback is about one of our live events or text-based resources please go to our Feedback page. Please share as much with us as you can. Feedback is the currency of our learning.

Social Media, Awareness

On every page of this site you will find our social media bar:

Please use Email, Twitter, and Facebook to share and ”like’ our content with your friends and colleagues.


Eventually we want every public television station in the English language world to air the series. To help us generate the most compelling case for why stations should air the series, please send us your testimonials about our work, your impressions from reading our interviews or seeing one of our live events and why you think its important for the series to be widely seen. (


Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time to help the Children of the Code Project.  Here is a list of the areas we could use help with. We hope one of them will be a good fit for your talents. Thanks again!

Media Awareness – We need to get media (TV, Radio, Print, Blog) attention to our work and mission. The best way to do this is a brief statement of why you think our work is important that includes links to the resources on our site that most support your statement (home pagevideo indexinterviews indextopicscomments about COTC, etc.,). If you need help with this click here and describe what you want to do and how we can support your efforts.

Video Transcripts for Close Captioning – We have a lot of requests from the hearing impaired as well as from academic researchers for verbatim transcripts of our video segments. Our next video player will have a button for CC as well as for access to the full text transcript of any video being played. To support this feature we need to create a transcript for each video segment in our collectionIf you would like to transcribe a video segment please let us know which one(s) (click here) you’d like to do and we will get back to you further instructions including a template.

Interview Transcripts – We still have dozens of hours of interviews to transcribe and edit. Be one of the first to hear these interesting interviews by volunteering your time to transcribe one or more of them. Click her for more information on volunteering to transcribe our interviews We would also benefit from help in editing the interviews Click her for more information on volunteering to edit our interviews:

Topics – Our Topics page is a work in progress. Eventually we want every distinct ‘point’ discussed in every interview and video to be available through our topics index page. If as you are travelling through our site and you think a particular point in a video or transcript should be included in our topics please copy the text, the name of the video and send us an a message (click here) indicating which existing category or topic it should be added to.

Editing – Our site could always be improved by better editing. If you have good editing skills and would like to help us by reviewing and editing our interviews or content pages please click here

General – If you have talents that could contribute to our project in ways other than listed above we would love to hear from you. Send us an email and tell us about yourself and what talents you want to contribute. (

For details on attending or arranging a
Children of the Code event please click here 
or call: 502-290-2526


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Support our live events –  Our events are free to the public. Our expenses and modest fees are paid for by hosting organizations such as universities and school districts and by people who want to help our work spread. If you agree that more educators and parents should understand our work help make it possible for them to attend our events by donating whatever you can:


Learning Stewards is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that depends on donations from people who believe in our work and mission. We would appreciate your support. Please donate whatever you can.

Turn your Amazon shopping into support for Learning Stewards and help us help children, parents, and educators!

Or send your tax deductible donation check to:

Learning Stewards
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Financial Support for the General Project – The Children of the Code Project is supported by generous donations from private individuals who believe in our social education mission. We would appreciate your support. Donate whatever you can. No amount is too small. It’s what keeps us going.

Let’s Stop Reading Shame!

Millions of kids grow up ashamed of their minds  because they blame themselves for not being good enough at reading. It’s a crime they feel this way and we want your help to stop it. We are raising money to give our DVD sets to the teachers and literacy volunteers that need it the most but can afford it the least. Help us raise funds that will spread the word about and help stop reading shame!  Donate now!

Don’t forget to send us your feedback on anything or everything about our work.