For Event Attendees Only: DOWNLOAD “ORCHESTRATING READING” Slides from the COTC Presentation


A Social Education Project and
Public Television Documentary Series


As mentioned during the event you attended, Orchestrating Reading is one of a series of ‘guides’ intended to help you improve your ‘First-Person’ learning about the challenges involved of learning to read.  It is offered to you as such. It is not a method for teaching reading.

Although we ultimately want to perfect and distribute “Orchestrating Reading” materials freely to teachers, parents, and literacy workers it is not intended to be a product. The PowerPoint Slides you are about to download are a variation of the slide-show you saw at the event you attended.  They are still in the early stages and as such we do not want these materials shared with people who have not attended one of our events and learned the background necessary to appreciate them. Therefore, before you can download the ‘Orchestrating Reading’ slide show we ask that you agree to not copy, distribute, or present it or its concepts in public.  If you agree please continue: