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As a media person who really cares about children and reports on parenting and education issues,  I thought you would find the following information interesting and useful:

“There is a profound reading crisis in the United States. 39%, almost 40%, of fourth graders do not read even at the basic level and a majority of students do not read at the proficient level.”   James Wendorf, Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities

“This program and the kind of effort that you’re doing seems to be just perfect. When I saw your list of the people you have already interviewed or were set to interview it was, of course, the Who’s Who of the whole field.”   Chris Doherty, National Program Director, Reading First Program, U.S. Department of Education

The Children of the Code Project, in cooperation with the National Center for Family Literacy is presenting an important educational seminar on (date) at the (venue) in (location). There is no attendance fee for the event.

Featuring clips from over one hundred in-depth interviews taped for the Children of the Code Project and Television Documentary Series“The Code and the Challenge of Learning to Read it” is a ‘live’, exciting and perspective-shifting learning experience designed to help teachers, parents, literacy volunteers, counselors, justice workers and all who care for children develop a deeper understanding of the mental and emotional challenges involved in learning to read. 

“Our most compelling crisis and challenge in education is addressing the epidemic of illiteracy. Toward that end, I ask your consideration of this compelling proposal.” – Senator John Vasconcellos, Chair, California Senate Education Committee