What’s At Stake

The negative consequences and costs to afflicted individual children and adults, and to society as a whole, of reading related difficulties.

Child Health & Development

Children's developmental trajectories affect the ease or difficulty of learning to read - the ease or difficulty of learning to read effects their ongoing health and development.


The role of emotions in learning to read and the effects of learning to read difficulties on emotional health.


Reading depends on, overlays, extends, and transforms language.


The brain processing challenges in learning to read and what learning to read does for the mind.

The Code

The history of the code, it's effect on civilization and our minds, and how it came to be so confusing.


Adult Low literacy:  the statistics, pain, shame, and it's costs to  society.

Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities

The difference between innate and acquired dyslexia and L.D.

Paradigm Inertia

Outdated but still pervasive ways of thinking that retard  progress. See also: Paradigm Inertia In Reading Science and Policy – Part 3: Learning Disabled Science