Is There A Problem?

Trust yourself and your knowledge of your child.  Parents often sense that their child is having difficulty long before the school does. Well-meaning teachers may try to reassure you by saying that the problem is a “developmental lag” and that your child will “catch up,” or that “one day everything will just click.” Unfortunately, research shows that most of these children will not catch up on their own. Early intervention is critical.  Waiting to intervene only allows your child to fall farther behind, and the longer your child doesn’t get help, the harder it will be for him or her to catch up.

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I think something might be wrong. How do I know?
Is there a learning problem?
Is there an emotional or behavioral problem?
Is there a language problem?
Should I do something now, or will my child “grow out of it”?

You have 12 years to get your child a public education.  Time is short, and waiting rarely works