Understanding Your Child’s Difficulties

It is important that you understand your child’s learning difficulties. There is no substitute for your own first-person understanding of the challenges your child faces in learning. If you don’t understand what your child needs, how can you advocate for them? Although you can get information from your child’s school and teachers, remember that they are accountable to district and state education bureaucracies, so their goals are different from yours. You need objective, scientifically based information as a counter-balance so that you can advocate for your child’s specific needs.

You won’t be able to become an expert on all on all the challenges your child might be facing so begin with getting a good understanding of your child’s top 1 or 2 difficulties. You will learn more about what your child needs as interventions begin and you learn what works and doesn’t for your child. In addition to reading articles and books, one way to experience a little of the difficulty your child struggles with is to go through the simulations at Misunderstood Minds http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/misunderstoodminds/.

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