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The three most important threads running throughout the Children of the Code project are: 1) The challenge of learning to read (neuro-cognitive-linguistic). 2) The role of emotion in learning to read (including the collateral damage to emotional health and intelligence of prolonged difficulty in learning to read).  3) The code: from the birth of the alphabet to how and why English writing is confusing.  In our complete Professional Development DVD Series the video segments of these threads are spread out across the 4 discs according to the course-like structure of the entire collection. In the "Essentials" series, we've created an individual DVD for each thread. These DVDs are an affordable alternative to the complete Professional Development DVD Series and provide our most important videos in a conveniently consolidated form (for those primarily interested in one or all of these core themes). 

This DVD series, like the complete Professional Development DVD Series, is not a "how to teach reading" course -- it's a collection of video segments and animations designed to help help educators, parents, and all who care for children develop a deeper first-person understanding of the challenges involved in learning to read (our premise).

Volume 1: The Challenge of Learning to Read (42 video segments)

Excerpt from "Introduction to the Brain's Challenge"

This volume features field-leading neuroscientists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, linguists, and reading researchers exploring two fundamental questions: "What is Reading?" and "What's so difficult about learning to read? ("The Brain's Challenge").

Videos Included: What is Reading? - The Magic of Reading - Unnatural - Technology - Virtual Speech - The Player Piano Analogy - Code Instructed and Informed Language Simulation - Speech, Sight Word & Decoding - Dialogues (Allington, Perfetti, Farkas) - What is Reading chapter summary - Confusion - Unnatural Confusion - Letters - Phonemes - Morphemes - Vocabulary - Processing Distinctions - Asynchrony - Processing Speed - Disambiguation - Downward Spiral - and many more...

Volume 2: Emotion & Reading (17 Video Segments)

Excerpt from "The Downward Spiral of Shame"

This volume features field-leading neuroscientists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, linguists, and reading researchers along with children, parents, teachers, and literacy experts exploring the critical role of emotion in learning to read and the impact of learning to read difficulties on emotional health and intelligence.

Videos Included:
What's At Stake: Mind-Shame - Emotion & Cognition - Language & Emotion - Emotional Danger - Social Danger - Child's Fault - Shame - The Power of Shame - Public Shame - Secret Shame - Fear of Shame - Emotionally Learning Disabling - Avoidance - Cognitively Learning Disabling - Confusion & Shame - The Downward Spiral of Shame - Reframing the Shame

Volume 3: A Brief History of the Code (29 video segments)

Excerpt from "A Brief History of the Code"

This volume features field-leading historians, philosophers, historians of writing, orthographists, English professors, and reading researchers presenting the story of the code with emphasis on the history of the alphabet and how it came to have such a confused correspondence with English.

Videos Included:
Introduction - The Power of Writing - The Alphabet's Big Band - Grecian Formulas - The Sounds of Letters - The Rise and Fall - The Code of DaVinci - The Key Point - Extra: Alphabetic Civilization - Latin Roots - French Rules - The King's English - Chancery Scribes - The First Millennium Bug - Great Vowels - Casting Spells  - Reform Attempts - Benjamin Franklin - Noah Webster - Carnegie & Dewey - Theodore Roosevelt - Mark Twain - Other Advocates - Paradigm Inertia



1 - Before purchasing one or more of the Essentials DVDs consider the complete Professional Development Series. The complete series contains all the videos of the Essentials series and over 30 additional videos that address many other important aspects of 'what's at stake' and 'what's involved' in learning to read.

2- In addition to DVD player versions, we also offer digital file versions of the same videos contained on these DVDs that can be played directly on your computer and/or embedded in most popular slideshow applications. For more information on our digital versions please click here.


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