We Have A Problem: What's At Stake
What's At Stake

What Is Reading?

Why? What's Involved: Causes and Contributing Factors
Why is it so Difficult?

Readiness: Early Life-Learning Trajectories
Reading Readiness

Shame: The Dark Heart of Reading Difficulties
Shame Disabled

Early Code History

English Code History

Paradigm Inertia

The Brain's Challenge

Changing Trajectories

"This information is a very important basis of understanding for teachers and I am not sure how many of us know it. I learned more here (seminar)than in all my college courses on language."  - B. Gallagher, Niagara Falls, New York    

"Your website has totally changed the type of material and the message I'm delivering to my students. Your information has provided both a foundation and a springboard into what avenues to pursue. I've woven in your video clips to help make various points...the clips are awesome!  I finally feel like I am able to offer my students some truly valuable information about teaching reading." - Dr. B. Lewellyn, Univ. of Dayton, OH

"I was so fortunate to be in attendance for the presentation of “The Code and the Challenge of Learning to Read It” seminar at Columbus State University. As a 31-year veteran of the public school system of Georgia, a reading teacher, and now a reading coach, I was astounded by the information in the presentation." - C. Taylor, Reading First Literacy Coach, Stewart County Elementary School, Lumpkin, Georgia

"Thank you!!!! How great to have my graduate students read the interviews of Adams, Shaywitz, the list goes on.... Videos are great. They were very helpful in my undergraduate classes. I have watched all of them and intend to watch/discuss in the Fall/Spring terms with my graduate classes." -  Mary Wines, Professor, Language Therapist Master's Program CALT, Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, TX

"Every aspect of this presentation was fantastic! How can we get this information to those-who-need-to-know? and How to get those folks to recognize and DO SOMETHING about this massive problem?" - K. Knight, Reading Clinic & Department of Corrections, Bermuda

"The Children of the Code experience was life changing for me."  - T. Nichols, Ph.D., Consultant, Alabama Dept. of Education

"The keynote speech (Opening the May 2006 Florida Literacy Conference) and the concurrent session in the afternoon were very inspiring! After the afternoon session I did not even want to go to any other seminar since I was on such a "high" from your presentation of "Children of the Code". Thank you very much!" - J. Ong, Hillsborough County School District, Florida

"I had never heard so much expertise in one seminar. Excellent presentation." - A. Mares, Region One Education Service Center, Edinburg, TX

This was great! You are right on target... your message needs to be shared with entire communities. - A. Burton, Board of International Dyslexia Assoc., N. Carolina 




According to the U.S. Department of Education more than 60% of K-12 school children are reading below the level of proficiency required for the brain-work of reading to be transparent to the mind-work of learning at the grade level they are in.  Obviously, reading is the skill that matters most to success in school and children who fall behind in reading are in great academic danger. However, it is not just the lack of reading skills that most endangers these children. It's the collateral damage - it's the MIND-SHAME..

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Dr. Jack Shonkoff
Chair, The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child

Dr. Russ Whitehurst
Ex-Director, Institute of Education Science, U.S. Department of Education

Dr. James Heckman
Nobel Prize Economics Author: The Productivity Argument for Investing in Young Children

Dr. Maryanne Wolf
Director, Center for Reading and Language Research, Tufts

Dr. Tim Shanahan
Chair, National Early Literacy Panel,
Past-President I.R.A. 

Siegfried Engelmann
Professor of Instructional Research, University of Oregon; Creator of Direct Instruction

Dr. Sally Shaywitz
Pediatric Neuroscientist, Yale University, Author: Overcoming Dyslexia

Dr. Marilyn Adams
Chief Scientist, Soliloquy Learning, Author: Beginning to Read

Dr. Louisa Moats
Scientist, Author: Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading ...

Dr. Keith Stanovich
Chair, Applied Cognitive Science, U. Toronto, Author: Reading Matters

Dr. Paula Tallal
Board of Governors' Professor - Neuroscience
Rutgers University

Dr. Mike Merzenich
Chair of Integrative Neurosciences, UCSF;  Member National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Erik Hanushek
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Koret Task Force K-12 Education

Dr. G. Reid Lyon
Past-Branch Chief, National Institute of Child Health & Human Dev.

Dr. Ed Kame'enui
Commissioner for Special Ed. Research, 
U.S. Dep.of Education

Nancy Hennessy 
President (2003-2005), International Dyslexia Association

Dr. John Searle
Prof. of the Philosophy of Mind & Language, Berkeley; Author: Mind, A Brief Introduction

Dr. Todd Risley
Psychologist, Researcher,
Co-author: Meaningful Differences

James Wendorf
Executive Director, National Center for Learning Disabilities

Barbara Kapinus 
Senior Reading Policy Specialist/Analyst, National Education Association

Dr. Keith Rayner
Professor, University of Mass. Author: Eye Movements in Reading

Dr. Richard Venezky
Author: The American Way of Spelling: The Structure of English Orthography

Dr. Peter E. Leone 
Director, National Center on Education, Disability & Juvenile Justice

Dr. Alex Granzin  
 Past President, Oregon School Psychologists Association

Dr. M. Caravolas
Director, Bangor Dyslexia Unit, Bangor University, Wales England

Dr. Thomas Cable
Professor of English, Co-Author: A History of the English Language

Rick Lavoie
Learning Disabilities Specialist, Creator:  The F.A.T. City Workshop

John H. Fisher
Medievalist; Author: The Emergence of Standard English

Dr. Zvia Breznitz
Prof., Neuropsychology of Reading & Dyslexia, University of Haifa, Israel

Dr. Charles Perfetti
Prof. of Psychology & Linguistics; Senior Scientist Learning Research & Dev. Center, U. of Pittsburgh

Robert Wedgeworth
Past-President, ProLiteracy World's Largest Adult Literacy Organization

Dr. Christof Koch
Prof. Computation and Neural Systems,  Caltech - Author: The Quest for Consciousness

Dr. Johanna Drucker 
Chair of Media Studies, U. of Virginia; Author: The Alphabetic Labyrinth

Dr. David Abram
Cultural Ecologist and Philosopher; Author: The Spell of the Sensuous

Arthur J. Rolnick
Senior V.P. Fed. Reserve Bank of Minneapolis;  Co- Author: The Economics of Early Childhood Dev.

Pat Lindamood
& Nanci Bell
Principal Scientists & Co-Founders of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Dr. Anne Cunningham
Dir., Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education, Berkeley;

Dr. Malcolm Richardson  
Chair, Dept. of English,
Louisiana State University

E. D. Hirsch, Jr.
Distinguished Visiting Professor, Hoover Institution; Co-Founder, Core Knowledge Foundation

Dr. Leonard Shlain
Physician; Best-Selling Author: The Alphabet vs. The Goddess

Dr. Mel Levine
Founder: All Kinds of Minds - Author: A Mind
at a Time

And many more...










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