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Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide a completely indexed database of all of our interviews with multiple navigation mechanisms and metaphors.  As we publish more interviews we will also create summarizing articles and outlines that link to specific 'meaning modules' in each of the interviews. As the website develops, video segments will provide top level summaries of each of the modules of our work. Each key point in each video segment will be linked to more extensive information about that point in the text of our interviews or elsewhere on the web.  In addition, the text interviews will include links to the original video and/or audio content from which it was transcribed. We want the resulting site to be an easy to use learning resource for everyone interested in understanding the code and the challenges involved in learning to read it.

How We Conduct Interviews

We don’t approach our conversations like journalistic interviews. Rather our intention is to bring about mutually learning oriented inquiries.  We want to pull up alongside our interviewees and their work and see through their learning-lenses and share with them the lenses we are developing, including, the lenses of the other interviewees we have learned with. Our intention is to cross-pollinate learning in the domains we enter and share the overall learning journey with as many of you as are interested.

We want to share our interviewee’s story, particularly how they came to the perspective and acquired the knowledge they have in their domain of work. We want to share what is driving them – in their hearts as well as their minds – how they are learning as well as what they are learning.

In most cases we conduct a phone interview before the video interview. Though our ultimate intention is to share both, often our first exchange on the phone makes for better reading than the video interview which must focus on smaller ‘bites’ to support the television and DVD series.

How We Edit Interviews

These are candid conversations and we make no attempt to homogenize them into magazine articles. We want to share our interviewee’s humanness as well as their expertise and therefore we make only minimal edits to the transcripts.  We also want to share the give-and-take of exploring together rather than just the comparatively dry data.


Our use of bold, underline and italics is to emphasize our Children of the Code sense of the important points. Such emphasis may or may not be intended on the part of the interviewee.

Caveat:  Note about interviews: Participation in a Children of the Code interview does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the Children of the Code project or documentary by the interviewee. Conversely, including an interview does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the views, organizations, books or products of the interviewee, other than as explicitly stated, by the Children of the Code Project and documentary.  

Interview Dates for Citation

Dr. David Abram Video:  June 17 2004
Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams  Phone:  2-26-04 – Video: October 28 2004
Dr. Zvia Breznitz Phone: February 21 2005
Dr. Thomas Cable  Phone: January 31 2004 – Video: May 19 2005
Dr. Marketa Caravolas Phone: December 8 2006
Dr. Anne Cunningham   Video: September 5 2003
Dr. Terrence Deacon  Video: September 4 2003
Dr. Guy Deutscher Phone: October 11 2005
Chris Doherty  Phone: November 14 and 17 2003
Dr.Johanna Drucker  Video: September 12 2003 , March 16 2005
Siegfried Engelmann Phone: February 26  thru April 14th 2004 – Video: July 30, 2004
John H. Fisher  Phone: January 29 2004 - Video: June 5 2004
Dr. Alex Granzin  Video:  July 27 2004
Dr.Mark T. Greenberg Video:  October 28 2005
Dr. Erik Hanushek Phone: January 31 2005 – Video: June 19 2005
Dr. James J. Heckman Phone: October 24 2005 - Video:  April 16 2005
Nancy Hennessy  Video: August 23 2005
Dr. Edward Kame'enui  Video: July 26 2004
Dr. Christof Koch Phone: October 18 2005
Rick Lavoie  Video: October 27 2004
Dr. Peter Leone  Phone: March 5 2004 – Video: November 16 2004
Dr. Mel Levine Phone: February 17 2005 – Video:  March 25 2005
Pat Lindamood and Nanci Bell Phone: January 29 2004 – Video:  July 19 2004
Dr. G. Reid Lyon  Video September 112003
Dr. Michael Merzenich  Video: July 21 2004
Dr. Louisa Moats  Phone: October 30 2003, November 19 2003 – Video:  June 16  2004
Dr. Donald L. Nathanson  Video: September 8 2003
Dr.Charles Perfetti Phone: September 30 2005 – Video: October 27 2005
Dr. Keith Rayner  Phone: March 4 2004 – Video:  October 29 2004
Dr. Malcolm Richardson Phone: February 4 2004 - Video: May 12 2005
Dr. Todd Risley Phone: December 14 2004 – Video: February 28 2005
Arthur J. Rolnick Phone February 11 2005
Dr.John Searle  Video:  June 29 2005
Dr. Timothy Shanahan Phone: December 16 2003 - Video:  May 27 2004
Dr. Sally Shaywitz  Phone: April 28 2004
Leonard Shlain Video:  April 18 2003
Dr. Jack Shonkoff  Video: March 15 2005
Dr. Keith Stanovich  Phone: February 27 2004 – Video: July 28 2004
Robert Sweet   Phone: Video:  November 16 2004
Dr. Paula Tallal  Video: February 10 2003
Dr. Richard Venezky  Video September 10 2003
Robert Wedgeworth  Video: January 28 2006
James Wendorf  Video: September 10 2003
Dr. Grover (Russ) Whitehurst  Video September 10 2003
Dr. Maryanne Wolf Phone: February 11 2005


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