Children of the Code Project

A Production of Learning Stewards, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

Produced and Directed by David Boulton
Co-Producer (2003-2006) Cori Stennett
COO Learning Stewards – Pamela Kvasic

Video Production

Lead Videographer (60 interviews): Cori Stennett
K-12 Videography (30 interviews) Ryan Pavey and Kevin Manley
Washington D.C. Videography (8 interviews) Todd Avery
KCSM Studio Videography (4 interviews): Rene Renard
Ho’Ike (Kauai) Videography (1 interview): Curtis McCosco
Associate Producer K12: Catrina Chambers

Audio Post Production

Managing Audio Engineer: Kevin Manley
Audio Engineer: Jonathan Hill
Audio Engineer: John Sandman
Vocals for ABC tune: Kayla


David Boulton
Paula Decanini
John Sandman


David Boulton
Ryan Pavey

Video Editing

David Boulton
Cori Stennett
Jonathan Hill
Ryan Pavey (color correction)


Interviews conducted by David Boulton and Cori Stennett
K-12 interviews by David BoultonKevin Manley,
Catrina Chambers and Ryan Pavey



Carol Covin (volunteer)
Lauren Groover (volunteer)
Jennifer Ware (volunteer)
M.C. Moran (volunteer)
Bill Blackburn (volunteer)
Elizabeth Brown (volunteer)
Laurie McClain


Cori Stennett
David Boulton
Melanie Miller (volunteer)
Cassandra Marie Barnes
David Martin (volunteer)
Nikki Murphy
Sami Moran (volunteer)


Flash menus and video players: Kevin Manley
Website development: David Boulton
Website assistance: Cori Stennett
Web Consultant: Kirk VandenBerghe
Dissemination: Sami Moran (volunteer)

Special Thanks

The students, teachers, and administrators of:

Dixie Elementary School
Conway Middle School
Jeffersontown High School

The students and teachers of:

Goodwill Adult Learning Center
Susan Carrell, Center Coordinator
Lauren and Troy Groover

The people who made it possible:

Our Interviewees
Kirk VandenBerghe
Sandy Breckenridge
Gary David
Francesco Garripoli
Don and Barbara Carlson
Barc Simpson
Reed Hastings (Founder of Netflix)
John Vasconcellos (Late California Senator)
Sharon Darling (Founder NCFL)
Blouke Carus
Trudy Boulton
Mistie Lonardo
Laura Garcia
Deanna Kaparo